Revolutionize your approach to spine care encompassing the neck, back, and waist with unparalleled convenience!

Introducing CERAGEM Master V4, the ultimate therapeutic thermal massager designed with customization for various body type of every user. Elevate your daily routine by effortlessly nurturing your body in the comfort of your own home or office.

CERAGEM has FDA clearance for:
– Relief of minor and joint pain stiffness
– Reduces inflammation
– Increase blood circulation
– Relaxation of muscles


1. Patented technology for a customized massage\

2. Adjustable massage intensity control

3. 17 specialized massage modes

4. Master mode for a targeted massage

5. 65°C Intensive Thermal Massage

6. 9 levels of intensity control

7. Vibrating Abdominal Projector

8. Premium Design

9. Ceragem Sound

10. Audio Guide

11. Color LCD Remote Control

12. Bluetooth Speaker


Spinal care technology based on our insightful understanding of ergonomics and human body.


Therapeutic-thermal technology based on thermo-engineering knowledge with heat sources and materials.


Medical technology applied to our medical device with verified performance and effectiveness.









Spinal Health is often overlooked, that's why we want you to care for your spine for FREE!!!! Down the free SPINAL HEALTH GUIDE on us.

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Our comprehensive guide on applying various massage modes of the Ceragem Master V3/V4 to alleviate back pains and discomforts. Designed to target specific areas of the back and body, the Ceragem Master V3/V4 offers a range of massage modes tailored to address upper back pain and shoulder pain, middle back pain, lower back pain, and overall body discomfort.

Clinical Research Activities of CERAGEM Well Life Medical Center

The Clinical Research Activities conducted by the CERAGEM Medical and Science Research Institute are dedicated to substantiating the efficacy and significance of spinal thermal medical devices through ongoing research initiatives and diverse clinical endeavors.


Why Well-Known Healthcare Professionals And Chiropractors Recommend CERAGEM MassageBed?

CERAGEM is a brand known for its thermal massage beds. These products combine heat therapy, massage, acupressure and chiropractic principles to potentially provide relief for certain musculoskeletal conditions, improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. Here are some reasons why healthcare professionals or chiropractors recommend CERAGEM Thermal Therapeutic Massage Bed:

Heat Therapy:

Heat therapy can help to relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and alleviate pain. CERAGEM Massage beds utilize far-infrared heat, which penetrates deeper into the body compared to traditional heat sources, potentially providing greater therapeutic benefits.


CERAGEM Massage Beds employs acupressure principles to stimulate specific acupoints on the body, particularly those located along the back. These acupoints are associated with various body organs, systems, and functions. By targeting these points, the device aims to balance the flow of vital energy, or Qi, along the body's meridians. This acupressure technique is intended to promote relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being.

Spinal Alignment:

CERAGEM Massage Beds often incorporate features designed to promote spinal alignment. Chiropractors recommend these beds as a complement to chiropractic adjustments to help maintain proper spinal alignment between appointments. The combination of heat therapy, massage, and spinal alignment features enhance the overall effectiveness of the treatment plan.

Muscle Relaxation:

The massage function of CERAGEM Massage Beds can help to relax tight muscles and reduce tension. This can be beneficial for individuals experiencing muscle stiffness or discomfort.

Stress Reduction:

The combination of heat therapy and massage offered by CERAGEM Massage Beds can promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. Lower stress levels can have a positive impact on overall well-being and may help alleviate certain symptoms associated with stress-related conditions.

Improve Circulation:

CERAGEM Massage Beds are designed to provide users with a customized massage that can relax the muscles, increase blood flow to the extremities, and improve venous return.

CERAGEM has FDA clearance for:
– Relief of minor and joint pain stiffness
– Reduces inflammation
– Increase blood circulation
– Relaxation of muscles


FDA, CE, KFDA Certificated

CERAGEM secures professionalism in the spine and scientific research through the obtainment of certificates from certified agencies all over the world such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), MDD of the European Union, Korean Food and Drugs Administration, etc.


CERAGEM is a revolutionary wellness company that operates on principles deeply rooted in the holistic approach to health and well-being. Founded on the belief that the body possesses remarkable restorative abilities when provided with the right support, CERAGEM combines cutting-edge technology with traditional healing wisdom to offer innovative solutions for optimal health. At the core of CERAGEM's philosophy are several key principles that guide its approach to wellness, encompassing the harmonization of body, mind, and spirit. By understanding and applying these principles, individuals can embark on a journey towards improved vitality, balance, and overall wellness.


Enhancing Wellness: Welcome to the CERAGEM Health Blog.

CERAGEM HEALTH BLOG is your ultimate destination for exploring the profound impact of CERAGEM products on holistic well-being. Dive into our insightful articles that delve into empowering technologies, daily health regimens, and the transformative effects of CERAGEM on overall vitality. Discover topics ranging from spine care, relaxation, daily holistic wellness, and self-care routine, preventive care, senior health. Join us on the journey to elevate your healthspan and unlock the secrets to radiant health.


"Cheers to 19 incredible years of wellness and vitality with CERAGEM Philippines! Through dedication and innovation, CERAGEM has transformed countless lives, promoting holistic health and rejuvenation across the nation.

Here's to many more years of enriching lives and spreading the gift of well-being to all Filipinos. Happy 19th anniversary, CERAGEM Philippines!"

The positive feedback from our valued customers is overwhelming, making it difficult to mention them all, but here are just a few shining examples of their experiences:

Anita Perez ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I could tell right away. I had the most amazing experience with Ceragem! From the moment I stepped into their center, I was greeted warmly by their kind and attentive staff. They were incredibly helpful in explaining the features of the Ceragem product and answering all my questions with a smile.

Speaking of the product, it is nothing short of excellent! The technology behind Ceragem is truly remarkable. I have never experienced such a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating session at home before. It's like having my own personal massager available anytime I need it!

Ceragem has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I can't imagine life without it now. The relief and comfort it provides are unmatched. I find myself saying "Ceragem! Ceragem! Ceragem!" whenever I get a chance to share my excitement with friends and family.

Derek R. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Greatest buy in my life. I have bad back pain. Almost every month, I need to see a therapist who helps a lot. Someone recommends this to me for daily use when lying down. This bed is working excellently. It massages back and works perfectly, not too hard and not too soft. It also heats up to relax muscles.

Sharon Araneta ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I bought the Ceragem Master V3 recently, and I must say, it's been a life-changing investment. This automatic thermal massage bed has exceeded all my expectations, and I can't imagine my daily routine without it now.

First and foremost, the therapeutic benefits of the Ceragem Master V3 are remarkable. The combination of heat and massage technology effectively targets muscle tension and provides a soothing experience. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant reduction in my back pain and overall stress levels. It's a perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

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